Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dillinja - So Hard [Valve] FREE

Dillinja is one of the most skilled producers in all of electronic music. Musical taste is subjective, so whether or not you like his tunes is irrelevant. The quality of his over 500 productions have set a high bar for all others to attempt to come remotely close to.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Recording Grooverider - Metalheadz Sunday Sessions - March 1996

Grooverider - Metalheadz Sunday Sessions - March 1996 by wefearsilence

"We've rummaged throught the Metalheadz archive to find this gem of a set by Grooverider from way back in 1996. Taken from a very important time in the Metalheadz story this is an example of the style and vibe of the infamous Metalheadz Sunday Sessions at the Blue Note, where the young sound of D&B quickly accelerated into the force that it is today. Fifteen years later this set sounds just as innovative and exciting as it did then, a true test of quality if you ask us."